Events 2016-2017

KYKNOS holds a fortnightly reading group during term time (for times, please contact us) as well as regular academic seminars by both internal and external speakers. All welcome.

Tuesday 25th October at 3.00 p.m., in James Callaghan B03

Ian Repath (Swansea): ‘The Later Greek Novelists: Art Imitating Art Imitating Art Imitating Art …’


Friday 4th November, at 6 p.m., in Keir Hardie 230

Catherine Rozier (Swansea): ‘Genealogy and Character: Helen’s divine epithets in the Homeric poems’


Friday 11th November, at 6 p.m., in Keir Hardie 230

Oliver Thomas (Nottingham): ‘Meaningful structure in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes: a cognitive approach’


2015-2016 programme

Ian Repath, 27th of November, ‘Phaedran love in Heliodorus Aethiopica

Marco Palone (Freiburg), 11th of December, ‘lector intende: laetaberis – The Role of the Reader in the Metamorphoses of Apuleius’

Pam Dennis (Swansea), 5 February 2016, ‘Xenophon of Ephesus: the Management of Desire’

Benedek Kruchio (Berlin), 26 February 2016, ‘The Dynamics of Summing Up: A Metaliterary Reading of Heliodorus 10,36 and 10,39′


2014-2015 programme

Saturday 18 October: Work-in-progress conference (Click on link for programme)

Friday 31 October: Prof Mark Humphries (Swansea University): “Narrative and Subversion: Exemplary Rome and Imperial Tyranny in Ammianus Marcellinus”

Tuesday 11 november: 3pm: Tim Barnes (University of Edinburgh) on Porphyry and the Christians (Title TBC) (Venue: KH 218)

Friday 14 November: Dr Adrian Kelly (Balliol College, Oxford): ‘Homer’s rivals: alternative narrators in the Iliad

Friday 12 December: Rachel Bird (PhD student Swansea University), ‘Sophrosyne and Sexual Dynamics in Heliodorus’ 

Friday 13 February: Nick Mataya (PhD student Swansea University): ‘The strange case of Severinus of Noricum: the holy man and the end of Roman power’

Friday 13 March: Alex Ferron (PhD student, Swansea University): Title TBC

Friday 24 April: Dr Lynn Fotheringham (University of Nottingham): ‘The Lives of Cicero: aspects of 19th-century biography’

Thursday 14 – Friday 15 May: Gregynog conference: Dangerous Narratives Programme  (Click on link for programme) 


Click here for a list of past events.

Laurence Totelin speaks at the KYKNOS conference October 2014