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  • Edition of Heliodoros for the Loeb Classsical Library (Morgan: Harvard UP)
  • Critical text of Heliodorus (Morgan, Repath & Herrmann: Oxford Classical Texts): invited proposal
  • Monograph on Achilles Tatius (Repath: OUP)
  • Companion to Lucian (Repath: OUP)
  • Ptolemaic Queens (Minas-Nerpel, with a large narrative text element)
  • Associated with Italian government funded  research project on Transmission of the Ancient Culture: Literary Codification, Manuscript Tradition, Reception” (Milan)
  • Associated with ERC-funded project on Christian narrative (Ghent)
  • Impact of ancient language and narrative on literacy skills development in young people in the UK (Bracke: Leverhulme funding


Maria Pretzler speaks at the KYKNOS conference (Swansea 2014) on ancient travel writing